NODIRT© - "Dare to be Difrint®"

"Dare to be Difrint®"

It's a Lifestyle...

It's about general moral / ethical values!!!

What is NODIRT all about?

At NODIRT we want to inform you about the decisions you ought to be making and
also help you recognise bad choices, so that you can stay away from them. We will
show you why you should not be doing what many people will eventually do.

We want to help you to make a good decision when faced with bad things.
We give talks to schools, churches, youth groups, parents, etc. We discuss
issues on Drugs, Alcohol, Cigarettes, Prostitution, Human trafficking, Family
abuse, Pornography, Adultery, Abortion, HIV, etc.

Addiction Catalogue

What is your life about?

Your attitude, manner of living, relationships, how you handle adverse

Do you grab a pill, a cigarette, an alcoholic drink, or a drug?

Do you contemplate suicide, or divorce?

Do you want to swear at someone or kill him or her?

We want to educate our society

On all the things that we are too afraid or embarrassed to talk about. Get it out in the open and educate yourself and others so that you can recognise the things that are not the best way out... and thus avoid further pain and feelings of guilt and remorse.

There is a to us.

How do you get involved?
Education about Substance Abuse

Buy yourself a NODIRT T-shirt, overnight bag, sports bag, school bag, laptop bag, hoodie, fleece top, cap or pen.

We would also appreciate any donation, as we need to be able to fund our cause, to make a difrins. You can also become part of the team by joining us on facebook, and staying up to date with what we are up to.


TNT- The Naked Truth
The Naked Truth - about Drugs & Alcohol
The Brand that takes a Stand
NODIRT T-shirts and Bags

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NODIRT Clothing and Accessories

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