NODIRT© - "Dare to be Difrint®"

"Dare to be Difrint®"

The Youth have Problems and We can Help...

It's a lifestyle awareness initiative, we focus on the prevention
rather than the cure.

NODIRT wants to educate our society, young people, parents and the
community on the dangers of addiction in it's many forms from drug abuse
to smoking, so THEY and YOU can make informed decisions.

We give talks to schools, churches, youth groups, parents, etc. anywhere
we are needed. More about NODIRT and the Lifestyle

Addiction Catalogue


Abortion is the extermination of
a foetus before it has had
the opportunity to fully
develop! It is estimated
that there are
approximately 42 million
abortions worldwide,
each year. That results
in 115 thousand abortions
a day.

We need to ask ourselves why, if we are not ready to be parents, we allow ourselves to have pre-marital sex at all.

Abortions (102 KB)


There is nothing wrong
with having an
occasional drink at a
party, braai, wedding
celebration, etc.

However when individuals start to abuse alcohol and excessively drink alcohol, they not only put their lives in severe danger but more importantly they put their loved ones' lives in danger as well as other civilians'.

Alcohol Abuse (148 KB)

Drug Abuse

Parents often do not want to
admit the possibility that their
children are on drugs and in
so doing often dismiss mal
adjusted behaviour to teenage
puberty, bad behaviour or stress.

By adopting this attitude,
parents are in actual fact
disinterested and uninvolved
in their children's lives. They fail
to set an example and boundaries that their children need to adhere too.

Symptoms of Drug Addiction (127 KB)
Types of Drugs (140 KB)

Human Trafficking

What is human

Human trafficking can
be described/explained
as the kidnapping,
enslaving and
exploitation of men,
woman and children
for use as sex workers,
forced labour, and in
the illegal trade of organs.

Human Trafficking (145 KB)


One of the worst
experiences that a woman
can go through is to be

The kind of emotional
trauma that the raped
experience is so severe,
that sometimes they
cannot overcome it.....
resulting in suicide.
Why then do we want to
put ourselves in that kind of situation? We need to be so careful to ensure that we don't become a statistic.

Rape (209 KB)


Why do we smoke?
How do we get started?
What influences us?
For the majority of people who
smoke I believe that there is only one answer to all of the above questions, and that is FRIENDS!

Much of the time, we as individuals choose to do something that is not beneficial to us, but to please and accommodate our so-called friends.

Smoking (123 KB)

Mental & Physical Abuse

The kind of physiological
and psychological implications
caused to a child through
abuse is far more than any
of us can fathom.

As adults we have the
ability, (even though it will
be difficult) to put the past
behind us and move on.
However for a child it is
a "difrint" story.

Mental & Physical Abuse (92 KB)


Prostitution is almost always
taken up due to a drug habbit that
needs to be supported or human
trafficking and being forced into it.

Even though there are
always circumstances that leads
to individuals becoming prostitutes,
they forget that they ALWAYS
have a choice to choose to go
down that road or not.

Prostitution (104 KB)

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